Jatisvaram is a composition very much like the svarajati in point of musical structure, but has no sahitya and the piece is sung with the solfa syllables. It is a composition belonging to the realm of dance music. The piece in Bilahari raga S R G P D S N D is a splendid example of this type of composition. The sahitya Rara Venugopapali is a later sahitya lacked on to the piece by some obscure composer. Jatisvara compositions are moulded on the patterns of jati passages.

In some jatisvaras, the muktayi svaras consist of half-avarta svaras and half-avarta jatis. Ponnayya, Vadivelu and Sivanandam have composed jatisvaras of this type. This solfeggio composition is also known as svara pallavi. Ragamalika jatisvara also exist. H.H.Svati Tirunal has composed some good compositions belonging to this type.

Svarajatis and Jatisvaras may be composed in chauka kala (slow tempo) or in madhyamakala (medium tempo). In the svarajati, the aim of the composer to picturise the raga in all its brilliant colours. But the jatisvaram is moulded on the background of jati patterns. Jatisvaram is a derivative name since phrases of jatis are strung into a musical sequence. The jatisvaram is of interest from the rhythmical point of view. But the svarajati is of interest from the musical point of view. The name svarajati was given to that form, because a passage of jatis originally formed an integral part of the composition. The Huseni svarajati is a wellknown form conforming to this type. Later on the introductions of jatis was given up.

Svati Tirunal, Ponnayya, Sivanandam, Vadivelu and Veena Krishnamachari are the prominent composers of jati svaras.

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